Pujya Tapaswi Shri Jagjeewan Jee Maharaj

Maharaj Ji

Great Saint Jagjeewan Jee Maharaj belonged to Dalkhan, Gujrat. he dedicated his life for the benevolence of mankind. Selfless service had been his motto. In the year 1968, he found his physical body no more useful for society so, he gave up not only food but also water. In Jain system of austerity, it is called Santhara. He observed it for 45 days seated in the foot of Udaygiri hill of Rajgir. One can visit the holy place where he attained liberation. His disciples from far distant corners of the country come here every year to offer their devotion unto him on the auspicious occasions of his birth and death anniversaries. As his intense desire was to see the people educated, several schools and colleges were opened in the memory of such a great saint of India. One of them is PTJM Saraswati Vidya Mandir, hasanpur, Rajgir, Nalanda (Bihar).